Only one in 1,000 can find a solution

Randall Jones posted a math problem on Facebook that only one in 1,000 can solve.

Logic is a standard required for greater simplicity in the professional world or for solving small problems of everyday life. . Because we do not know how to take the problem, where to start, what to do next, and finally to find a “logical” solution to our dilemma, we often get into trouble.

In the following exercise, your logic will be tested. You have to solve the problem beyond trying to find the “inner logic” and the hiddenness of the test. The data of the given problem will not help you to solve it.

Only your sense of care, dedication and logic will allow you to overcome this challenge, as you will see in the end is not so difficult. As with many problems of everyday life, good luck, or good logic.

At first glance, solving this mathematical problem seems very simple, it looks like a list of additions. Besides, if you look closely at the problem, you will soon understand the complexity of this process.

Since the issue re-emerged on the Internet, it has once again sparked a lively debate among Internet users.

Here is the problem:

1 + 4 = 5
2 + 5 = 12
3 + 6 = 21
8 + 11 =?


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