Moroccan embassy in Senegal speaks out against the abuses and lies of the Palestinian ambassador in Dakar

Moroccan embassy in Senegal speaks out against the abuses and lies of the Palestinian ambassador in Dakar

The Moroccan embassy in Senegal on Friday told a local electronic media outlet against the Palestinian ambassador’s lies and lies in Dakar, and they “contradict the official position of its own hierarchy.”

In a nutshell, the representation of the Kingdom of Morocco in Senegal lashes out at the unfortunate, hypocritical and unfortunate media of this Tucker-based diplomat. The Moroccan embassy underscores this development, which was published by the Senegalese media as “unfortunate because it contradicts the official position of the lie and its own hierarchy”.

“Two years later, from Dakar, this trip is very strange, unexpected and raises questions about the resumption of diplomatic relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and Israel, its real motives, the agenda and its supporters. Do not hesitate !!! ”, referring to the representation of the state.

“Beyond violations of the basic principles of control and respect for sovereign nations, especially on the part of a diplomat, the positions expressed and the language used are far less than that of a tactical and diplomatic court and are subject to childish controversy,” he notes. The Moroccan embassy said, “In addition to the sovereignty of Moroccan positions, these have been adequately explained and communicated, especially to high-ranking Palestinian officials, and this, within the framework of consultative preconditions, should not be ignored by the ambassador in question!”

The embassy recalled that on December 9, 2020, King Mohammed VI met with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to inform him of the Moroccan approach and to discuss with him.

During the meeting, the King reaffirmed to Mahmoud Abbas that his stance in support of the Palestinian cause remains unchanged, with the Moroccan embassy seeking to note that the sovereignty was inherited from his late father, King Hassan II.

“In this sense, the State Cabinet statement dated December 9, 2020, stated that Morocco supports a two-state solution, and that sovereignty is the only way to achieve a firm, lasting and comprehensive negotiation between the Palestinian and Israeli parties. The solution to this conflict was adopted at the Arab Summit in Beirut in 2002, in line with the Arab initiative, ”we continue.

As chairman of the Al-Quds Committee, the King never stopped the need for al-Quds Acharif to protect the city’s special status, recalling Moroccan representation.

Sovereignty underscored the fact that Morocco has always placed the Palestinian issue on the same level as the Moroccan Sahara, and that the state’s act of sanctifying Morocco would never harm the struggle. For the just rights of the Palestinian people.

“Indeed, the question of the Moroccan Sahara, with due respect to this emerging rhetorician, adds to the text, that at all times the Moroccan people have set the absolute national priority. This means that the manner and language used to address this issue in the diplomatic press release indicates a total ignorance and unnecessary hostility to Moroccan facts.

“That being said, what is this diplomat really looking for? Did he not create a kesura exactly where it does not exist? However, for the people of Morocco and Morocco, the question of the Moroccan Sahara and Palestine lies beneath two sacred national causes and equality!” The Moroccan embassy insists.

“Furthermore, during this exchange with President Mahmoud Abbas, the Sovereign stated that the King of Morocco has a special status and distinguishes himself from the Jewish community of Moroccan descent, including the hundreds of thousands of Moroccan Jews established in Israel. And will use the contacts to take the Kingdom within the framework of a constructive commitment to establishing a just and lasting peace in the Central Region. “

“I do not want to think about the context and conditions for the resumption of diplomatic relations between Morocco and Israel. Is to re-establish relations on the program, ”the Moroccan embassy continued.

“It must be remembered that this decision, above all sovereignty, is the fruit of the negotiation process even before it was called the Abraham Accords.

“Beyond formal relations, we must not hide the human and demographic factor that played a fundamental role in the outcome of this process. In fact, as everyone knows, more than a million Israelis claim their Moroccan descent and Morocco never denies them. , Therefore citizens of the king.This connection with the native land of the Moroccan Jews has its roots in the millennial history of Morocco, which is illustrated by the role of the protector of the Moroccan Jews by the late King Mohammed, in particular, the land of tolerance and coexistence. There is still a vivid memory of the collective memory of our fellow citizens of the Jewish faith, ”affirms the representation of the Kingdom of Morocco.

“Morocco has never relinquished its obligations and responsibilities regarding the legitimate question of sister Palestine. Years later, the inseparable rights of the Palestinian people.

The King underscored: “This is an opportunity to reaffirm our full solidarity with the Palestinian people and our full support for their just rights: the establishment of an independent and viable state … We underscore that Morocco has never been commanded. It does not fall within the framework of debates or sterile political unity, “he recalled.

“Is it appropriate to remind the diplomat of the recognition and tribute repeatedly given by the League of Arab States, the Islamic Conference Organization and various leaders and religious figures in Palestine and around the world by his own hierarchy? “, Underscores the same source.

“On land, the Al Quds Committee and its finance body, Bait Mal al-Quds, are engaged in socio-economic projects for the benefit of the people and to preserve the Arab-Islamic character of the holy city. 80% of the state alone,” the Moroccan embassy would like to address the diplomat.

“Given Israel’s eminent observer position within the AU, it is the responsibility of the latter and its member states to decide this question in accordance with its laws. All regional and international forums will know loudly and clearly, without any concessions or ambiguities, how to exercise the legitimate rights of the Palestinian brothers and the solution of the livelihoods of the two countries.

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