A surgeon invented an innovative belt to lose weight without dieting and won the LeBron competition.

A surgeon invented an innovative belt to lose weight without dieting and won the LeBron competition.

The award-winning invention of 2022, to lose pounds without diet, without difficulty and above all without surgery.

Every year, the LeBron competition, thanks to their inventions, rewards crazy inventors who can truly transform our daily lives.

The gold medal was presented at the Paris Exhibition in early May this year, for the invention of a former digestive surgeon who created a slightly special belt …

Jean-Pierre has created the Alipay Alligator belt for good reason, which provides a feeling of satisfaction, thanks to a simple well-established pressure.

It has been reported that it is simply acting as a hunger strike Western France.

In fact, the former digestive surgeon underwent several surgeries to remove a portion of the abdomen in order to help his patients lose weight, focusing on alternatives to surgery and all the consequences of this type of intervention.

An appetite suppressant

After months of reflection and testing, he succeeded in getting a prototype: a belt that you wear all day, with the help of a pear you lift and the pressure at the level of the abdomen looks like the latter. Packed.

So people are less hungry, eat less, and lose weight without doing anything.

Reducing the amount of food you eat helps you lose weight. Then the stomach will contract, shrink, and the feeling of hunger will decrease.

To the inventor who tested him, it was a success: he lost 10 kilograms of weight very easily in three months, without any diet.

Made in France soon

The strap will be on sale soon. Pre-orders already exist.

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Marketing will begin on June 30 with the production of the popular belt at a workshop in Nice.

To book it, give your email on the site Crocodile belt.

It costs a minimum of 260 euros, depending on the size.

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