In memory of the Belgian film Nous Dous “Living Together”

Le "vivre ensemble" à l'honneur du film belge Nous Tous

May 16 marks the Day of Living Together in International Peace (JIVEP), an opportunity to reaffirm human and global values ​​in an environment of growing hatred and rejection of others. At this event, the documentary “We Are All” dedicated to this purpose is released worldwide.

On December 8, 2017, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution declaring May 16 as the International Day for the Peace of Life (IDVP).

The purpose of this special day is to continue to mobilize the efforts of the international community in support of peace, tolerance, content, understanding and unity.

The curiosity of such a day reminds us that in times of increasing warfare of racism and rejection of others, it is possible to live in peace in some ways and to respect others and accept differences. Peace and harmony.

2022 marks the 5th anniversary of JIVEP being celebrated worldwide. In this case, you can watch for free the documentary “We Are All” by Belgian director Pierre Pirard, which will be released worldwide on this occasion.

In this 91-minute documentary, the director tries to show that there are other realities in the world, away from identity issues and fear of others.

“Considering the harmonious life of people of different faiths, family, education, social relations, culture, work … What if we tell the stories of brave citizens in spite of such difficulties and tensions?”

The documentary was released in Belgium on October 13, 2021, but its theatrical release was blocked by a second closure and theaters closed.

After the two covitations, more than 413 affiliates in more than 52 countries will be able to watch the film for free in theaters, i.e. 10 million viewers.

“I invite you with open arms to sign this Declaration of Peace on May 16 and join me on May 16 to watch the wonderful documentary We All by Pierre,” said American actress Rooney Mara, ambassador for JIVEP 2022.

“In a world steeped in deadly conflicts, prejudice and greed, I am proud to join the International Day of Living Together in Preaching the Message of Hope, Love and Compassion. He also believes that power is with us.

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