FIFA from NBA 2K creators? The company responds intelligently

Un Fifa Des Créateurs De Nba 2k ? L'entreprise Répond

EA Sports and FIFA will not renew their contract, which has been in effect for almost 30 years. The North American company will abandon the brand and use the EA Sports FC name from next year. It remains to be seen which company will receive this name from 2024. One that has appeared in all pools is Take-To Interactive and its sports label 2K Games. In an interview with IGN, CEO Zelnick Strauss did not release the pledge, but said they were exploring possible opportunities in the future.

“We are keen to expand our options in the sport. FIFA is a great brand with incredible potential, but we do not want to discuss it. [sobre ello] Zelnik recalled at a public meeting of shareholders last Monday that “licenses exist and they tend to represent the company” at all times. “

FIFA projects

FIFA has issued a statement regarding the decision not to renew the contract with EA Sports. The president of this football company, Gianni Infantino, revealed that Saga will return with another publisher: “I promise you that it will be the best for the only real players and football fans with the name of FIFA.” , He declared. Mentioned.

According to FIFA, working with other companies will give players “extra options”, which is why they are in talks with “leading publishers” and investors before the introduction of FIFA 24, which, as expected, will appear soon. At the end of 2024. The license is still in the hands of Electronic Arts, so FIFA 23 will be marketed under these names.

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