5,500 homes without electricity and 28,000 lightning strikes have been recorded

5,500 homes without electricity and 28,000 lightning strikes have been recorded

From Sunday to Monday, especially in the regions of Calvados and Urea, severe storm episodes hit France overnight. 5,000 homes were without electricity on Monday.

France was struck by lightning. Heavy thunderstorms lashed the northwestern part of the country on Sunday evening and from Sunday to Monday, especially between Chanel and Maine-Ed-Lower. A total of 28,000 lightning strikes have been recorded, resulting in at least 5,500 lightning strikes at the height of the disruption.

Thunderstorms lashed parts of the country on Sunday, with winds of up to 110 kmph especially in Calvados and the Urals. Local, extraordinary events are mentioned. The cloud pipe, a type of hurricane that did not touch the ground, was especially noticed by city dwellers. Duri-Harcourt-Le-HomeIn Calvados.

Heavy rain with hail also affected Mayana. A major landslide caused 29 millimeters of rain in less than thirty minutes on Sunday in the department.

A partially burned youth center

On Sunday evening, a 500m youth center was set on fire by lightning in Drone, Calvados. Thus, the roof was badly burned and the building was badly damaged.

“Apparently, it was interesting,” BFMTV’s Julian, a resident, describes the “black smoke” coming out of the building.

Eleven people staying at the youth center were evacuated and brought under fire. “There were zero injuries, that’s what we need to remember,” he said on BFMTV’s microphone, welcoming the city’s unnamed mayor, Christian Lou Boss.

The six fields from Manche to the Lower Valley, which were placed on the Orange Alert on Sunday, are being washed. Yellow alert This Monday morning. This Monday 16 fields are under yellow surveillance, including several fields in the east of the country, including Vosges, Aube or Moselle, and southeastern Alpes-Maritimes. Calvados is no longer a part of it.

This Monday, about 5,000 homes in Normandy were still without electricity due to the storm. Enedis notes that “major repairs need to be made this morning” and that significant damage has been done to the Pays d’Auge in the Euros and to Pont-Audemer and Bernay.

Juliette Desmonsox with AFP

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