What is the difference between Oled Evo Panel and Oled EX Panel?

What is the difference between Oled Evo Panel and Oled EX Panel?

Oled Evo and Oled EX technologies are different. The first is actually used exclusively by LG Electronics, and the second is advertised by LG Display – the manufacturer of the old panels – for all other TV vendors. Descriptions.

At CES 2022, LG Display – LG subsidiary dedicated to the production of LCD and Old panels – Has released its new Oled EX panel (For evolution and experience) It combines the use of deuterium and a new algorithm that allows for optimal management of 33 million OLED pixels (for an 8K panel). LG claims that the display gets up to 30% brightness compared to a regular OLED panel.

This technology is not used with the Oled EX labeling provided by LG Electronics, which keeps the name LG Oled Evo indistinguishable from its bright panels. LG notes that the LG Oled Evo technology is a combination of the α9 Gen5 AI processor and its own image management algorithms. The manufacturer also explains that the LG Oled C2 and G2 TVs are part of the Oled Evo series that uses new algorithms and the α9 Gen5 processor. To read that the G2 uses Brightness Booster Max technology that offers 30% more brightness than the standard Oled TV, you should read that the LG C2 has 20% more brightness with the Brightness Booster. If both models actually use the same panel and the same algorithms, the LG G2 has a cooling system behind the OLED panel, which allows for greater brightness.

In fact, most high-end Oled 2022 TVs are now equipped with the new Oled EX panels, codenamed WBE, which use tutorial to extend their lifespan. Some models, such as the LG 48C2, will be fitted with WBC panels until shares of the 48-inch WBC Oled panels are sold out, or LG’s A2 and B2 series will be cheaper. In general, when the brightness gain is not specified, it means a WBC slap without tutorium. For others, the gain of luminosity depends on the means used, but above all the presence or absence of a cooling system. The latter makes the difference.

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