Omar Hilale, Master of C24: “Ambassador of Algeria, you missed the opportunity to remain silent”

Omar Hilale, Master of C24: "Ambassador of Algeria, you missed the opportunity to remain silent"

Nadir El Arabaoui, head of the Algerian delegation to the C24 conference currently taking place in Saint Lucia, lost his nerve and attacked Bahiya Ghalla, vice president of the Dakhla-Oued Eddahab region. He noted the human rights situation in the Tindof camps in Algeria.

In response to this intimidating attempt and the lies and provocations of the Algerian ambassador to the UN about the Moroccan Sahara, Morocco’s permanent ambassador to the UN, Omar Hilale, effectively redesigned him and revealed his whereabouts. Bahia invited participants to the seminar to witness the tragic attack on Kalla.

“Mr. Ambassador, you missed the opportunity to shut your mouth, and you missed your first participation in C24,” Omar Hilale said immediately. “Ask who Madame Galla represents? I’m going to say. It is associated with the Moroccan identity of hundreds of thousands of citizens of the Sahara. It represents 20,000 Sahrawi women, men, children, relatives, brothers and mothers isolated in your home in the Tindoff camps, “he added.” If Algeria does not want to mention it, it must release these people. They will return to their homes in Morocco.

Making the Algerian ambassador directly accountable to all participants, Omar Hilale declared: “As you always do wherever you go, we call what you have done now intellectual terrorism”.

The ambassador denied the lies of the so-called Algerian diplomat in his country’s observer position on the Moroccan Sahara issue, which he once again mocked as a “fake news” because Algeria is the main party in this regional controversy. Has always said.

“If you are interested in the history of your country or do not know the history of your diplomacy, I would like to take you back to history: In your letter to the Permanent Representative to the Security Council in New York on November 19, 1975, in addition to Spain, as an executive authority, the parties interested in Western Sahara are Algeria and Morocco. And Mauritania is written in black and white. At the time, Algeria did not mention Policario, ”he said.

Omar Hilale continued his argument, confronting the Algerian diplomat with undeniable evidence of Algeria’s primary responsibility. You say no, why are you arming the police? You say no, why are you negotiating with the police? You say you are not leaving, why are you doing diplomatic and political campaigning for Polisario? You say you did not leave, why did you call back your ambassador in Madrid because he took a stand in support of the autonomy initiative? You say you are not leaving, why is Morocco taking action with every country that changes its position in the Sahara? Who fought in Amkala? Only Algerian soldiers were captured. Who proposed the secession of Morocco? Algeria? Why did you close the Moroccan-Algerian border and stipulate that it should be opened by the question of the Sahara? This is the only closed border in the world between Muslim Arabs, two sister nations that speak the same language. These are irrefutable proofs of why you are a partner and not an observer, “said Morocco’s Permanent Representative to the UN.

Omar Hilale, who edited the Algerian ambassador, added that he did not even know the dates of Algeria’s lost wars in the Sahara, and that it was not 1963, including Amkala in 1976, when he carried it out. More than a hundred Algerian soldiers were captured by the Royal Armed Forces and handed over to the ICRC, which brought them back to Algeria. This is a new piece of uncertainty for Algeria’s direct involvement in the regional conflict over the Moroccan Sahara, he underlined.

He added another source of Algerian involvement in the Moroccan Sahara issue, recalling the inhumane deportation of 35,000 Moroccans and 35,000 Moroccans in an inhumane act, separating children from their mothers and fathers. “Is this brotherhood? Many family plays in retaliation for the Green March, ”the Moroccan ambassador concluded.

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