Algeria sets conditions for reconciliation with Morocco

Algeria sets conditions for reconciliation with Morocco

A little more is known about the recent exchanges between the Saudi ambassadors and representatives of the Algerian government. Algeria is willing to renew its relations with Morocco but only under certain conditions. Algiers calls on Rabat to renounce all security and military cooperation with Israel Magreb Intelligence. A collaboration that is creating a wave of panic in eastern neighbors.

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At the end of November, Algeria said it was directly targeted by the cooperation, which was strengthened by the signing of new military agreements during Israeli Defense Minister Benny Kant’s visit to Morocco. “The relationship between Morocco and Israel and its effects on the Western Sahara, and the relationship between Israel and the Palestinian cause within the framework for the normalization of the Arab world, may define the new Arab world,” he explained. Algerian Diplomacy Ramdane Lamamra. The latter warned “those who follow the default, but expect it to be normalized” against the disruption of Algeria’s internal security.

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Morocco’s reaction is pending, the same source said, adding that other meetings between Saudi ambassadors and representatives of the Algerian establishment are planned in Algiers, Riyadh and Tunis in the coming weeks.

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