One hydrologist recalled that due to the lack of water, “every person should take care not to waste water unnecessarily”.

One hydrologist recalled that due to the lack of water, "every person should take care not to waste water unnecessarily".

“Every person should be careful with water and not waste water unnecessarily”, Violaine Bault, a hydrologist at the Bureau of Geology and Mining Research (BRGM), said on Tuesday, May 10, there were 15 departments in France raising awareness about groundwater availability or drought alert. Situation “Very different” Violin Bald refers to more or less recharged layers and stages, depending on the region “Anxiety” Especially in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. Even if the heavy rain comes soon, it will be “already too late” to have its effect “Groundwater level”The hydrologist adds.

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franceinfo: Are there regional differences in water availability?

Violin Bolt: Yes, there are regional differences. First, during the period when groundwater is generally recharging, recharging was very low this winter. So now we have most of the layers below equilibrium. The situation is very different. In the southwest it is very satisfactory, especially in Occitania where the water levels have been recharged as it has been raining for the past two months. Further north, we have water bodies that are more dormant and less capable of operating in the absence of rain. Elsewhere, conditions are particularly worrisome, with much less rain this winter, especially in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Vendée, Charente and Touraine south of Trom.

Should we worry about the state of these reserves? What will be the consequences?

The effects can already be seen through government decrees restricting the use of water. You should know that most of the great waters in France regulate the flow of rivers. So in summer when there is no rain, if there is always water in the streams, it comes from ground water. Therefore, if the groundwater level drops, there will be a problem in feeding the aquifers. Therefore the water level of the rivers decreases with the impact on the fauna and flora.

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Will the heavy rains in May help or is it already too late?

It is always beneficial because it helps to moisten the soil and feed the plants. Thus farmers cannot pump groundwater without irrigation. Then, at groundwater levels, it is already too late because very little water falls in the spring and summer and manages to infiltrate the groundwater.

What solutions do you recommend to save water? Do we need to save more in the future?

BRGM mobilized. We support the Ministry of State Services and Environmental Change in all decision making and forecasts for the summer. We need to reconsider our water use. This has already been done for decades, especially in the plans of water agencies. But really, every person should be careful with water and not waste water unnecessarily.

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