Your ID card on your smartphone: when, to whom, how, and for what?

Your ID card on your smartphone: when, to whom, how, and for what?

The government is considering a digital identification processor for mobile phones such as smartphones. We explain how the latter can work.

Everything that is dematerialized makes its way. A Order Released on April 26, the Interior Ministry announces the development of the “French Identity” application “with the aim of allowing electronic identification and authentication”. Definitely, this means The official state app will have your ID card on your smartphoneThis will facilitate your various management tasks with both public and private companies.

When will the application launch?

The tool will be used in late May in a trial version that will be gradually upgraded before its final release. RTL.

Who can use this app?

Initially, not everyone could use the government’s future mobile processor. Here are the requirements:

  • Have a new biometric ID card: Unlike the old classic card, the card’s electronic chip makes it possible to get information about your identity. Currently, only 4.5 million French people have this new form of identity card, which was released in August 2021.
  • Have a smartphone with NFC technology: This technology for example allows him to add his credit card to his phone. Thanks to this chip integrated into your smartphone, you can scan your ID card and add it to the mobile app, details Evaluator Blog.

What is the goal?

The idea is to make it easier to access all public service sites and administrative procedures available through the France Connect platform, for example, tax, health insurance and pension accounting sites, which today use the Social Security number or tax code. An identifier.

The application should also make it possible to provide proof of identity “to put an end to ID card scans, but to withdraw a package, without revealing its identity or giving the power of attorney in a single click” to justify its majority. For example, pointing to the government site.

What data will be used?

Order “Recognizes the possibility of processing and reading data recorded on the electronic components of National Identity Cards.Surname, First Name, Date and Place of Birth, Nationality, Gender, Email Address, Postal Address and Photo ID), Except for the scanned image of the fingerprints “.

The use of this application is optional: nothing will force you to download this application, because the use of this service is “users’ only choice”.

For its part, the National Commission for Computing and Freedom (Cnil) has issued two positive comments on the plan, although it states that the tool should not be made mandatory. “Creating algorithms for electronic identification and its application is the sole choice of the users”, the order states.

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