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Fluorinated waxes: endless experiments Brooksvallarna And Sjusjoen

Next winter, fluorine waxes will be banned. On April 7, In a press releaseThe International Ski Federation Pointed out that a machine was developed in conjunction with Brooker, An American company, detected its presence and thus acted to expel fraudsters. “The device provides reliable testing to ensure fluoride-free matches, which can help ensure fair matches,” FIS wrote.

Which denies Reveal. Last week, he revealed hundreds of tests of the machine Alpha II Two different places, in particular, were treated wisely Brooksvallarna (Sweden) and Sjusjoen (Norway). The Swedish newspaper believes that “and the results are disappointing”, citing evidence. Peter Mileback. To the development manager of the Swedish cross-country ski team, it is not yet ready for use at the World Cup. “The purpose of the tests was to see if the machine could be deceived, and we succeeded,” he says for his part. Johann Wallstrm, Its biathlon co. Their Norwegian counterpart, Tobias Doll FenreyAgrees: “It’s relatively easy to hide the presence of fluoride under skis.

Reveal So that speaks to the “real regression” FIS And thisIBU. No one now knows if they will have time to solve problems before this fall, he adds.

“I do not wish to comment on the test results,” he replied Michael LamblotDeputy Director of the International Ski Federation, currently Sjusjoen. However, he added: “When the season starts, we will have a reliable testing machine. ⁇

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