According to scientists, this new limit has been exceeded and will cause harm to our planet

According to scientists, this new limit has been exceeded and will cause harm to our planet

Too much time to pass, our planet is in danger. Good old earth As scientists often remind us, unfortunately, it is millions of years old that we live in and about 4.5 billion years old at the time of borrowing. Nevertheless, there is still very little progress, so a new limit has now been crossed, which will further undermine our ecosystem.

The concept of “planetary boundaries”

By 2050, Earth’s population is expected to reach 10 billion people. Let’s be clear, Our planet will become more populous and the resources needed for our well-being will become more and more substantial. According to many researchers and scientists, the earth is already dying It will soon be too late to change course. If you think climate change is the only problem, it is far from over.

In 2009, a team of 26 international researchers developed the concept of “planetary boundaries”. Because it was more or less unanimously accepted in the scientific community. These limits are the limit that humanity must not cross globally. It helps to avoid sudden changes in our environment and to ensure the sustainability of our environment.

However, the sixth, one of these limitations, has just passed.

Fresh water “out of safe area”

If different values ​​of the amounts emitted or extracted from the environment are refined over time for each limit, However, these are identical and number nine: Climate change (well known), biosphere integrity, disruption of biochemical cycles of nitrogen and phosphorus, changes in land use, introduction of new entities into the environment (passed earlier this year), depletion of the ozone layer in the stratosphere, acidification of the oceans, atmospheric atmospheric And, finally, the use of fresh water.

Until then, the first five limits were believed to have “only” been exceeded. However, the last of them has recently broken its twist. According to a published study In the magazine Natural. Data on freshwater use (annual consumption of surface water and groundwater) indicates that it is present “Outside the safe area”. These include rainfall, soil moisture or evaporation.

Green water in danger

But it is also particularly concerned with green water, as a result of atmospheric precipitation and being absorbed by plants, which is of concern. Although essential for life on Earth, scientists behind the study believe that this type of freshwater has not yet been properly accounted for: “The Amazon rainforest depends on soil moisture for its survival, but there is evidence that some parts of the Amazon are drying up. Forests are losing soil moisture due to climate change and deforestation. We can read specifically Natural.

So suffice it to say that this is very bad news for our planet and, as one might expect, we are the first responsible. “Green water beyond the variation that the Earth has been experiencing for thousands of years”. So our overall ecosystem may just be disrupted in the coming years, and many more.

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