The European Union wants to establish a “talent partnership” with Morocco by the end of 2022


Launched in June 2021, the “Partnership for Attracting Talents” initiative aims to address skills shortages in a number of key sectors within the EU and to strengthen mutually beneficial partnerships with third countries in relocation.

As part of the implementation of this initiative, the European Administration announced its “intention to launch First Efficiency, based on strong and continued cooperation in all aspects of migration management within the framework of the New Agreement on Migration and Asylum”. Forming partnerships with Maghreb partners, especially Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia, so that they can implement them by the end of 2022.

The work on effective partnership will be built on the successful pioneering projects developed with these partners, expanding the scope of their mission and ambition, while at the same time expanding cooperation with them, defining and mobilizing all concerned with member states and partners. Partners in the process.

In the second phase, it plans to begin evaluating the possibility of launching effective alliances with Pakistan, Bangladesh, Senegal and Nigeria.

Definitely, EC proposes to set up a European pool of talent, the first EU-level platform and a compatibility tool to make the latter more attractive to third-country citizens looking for opportunities and to help them discover the skills they need.

On the other hand, the Commission says it has been exploring the possibility of new channels for legal migration to the EU in the medium and long term. He finds value in focusing on forward-looking policies in the three areas of security, youth and innovation.

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