Beginner Guide: How to Find the Best Free Spin Offers

For gamers who already have knowledge of casino bonuses and promotion, the term ‘free spin’ will not sound new to them. But for a newbie, you are likely wondering how possible it is for casinos to give out anything for free.

Free spins are a type of bonus offer that a casino uses to entice new players, launch newly designed slots, as well as to keep existing players on their platform. This allows them to play slots without using their actual money. The most exciting aspect of this bonus is that you can win real money from the offer if your spin gets a winning combo.

This article will help beginners understand the concept behind the attractive free spin bonus.

Are Free Spins and Cash Bonuses the same?

There are many promotional offers in the gambling world, mostly as cash rewards. Free spins allow customers to try their hands on games they will normally need a deposit for, while a cash bonus is a type of cash reward a player can claim up to a certain amount. This means that they are not the same and this is a list of spins currently available in the market.

Lately, more gamblers are getting attracted to free spins over cash bonuses because they believe it is a much better option. The opportunity to make real money from a free spin option is very appealing to customers, although they might be restricted to a certain amount of spins and the type of games it can be used on.

Types of Free Spins

There are a few variants of this bonus offer that new players need to be familiar with. It is vital to read and understand the terms and conditions of the offers. This is to ensure that you are familiar with the requirements.

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Casino providers spend a considerable part of their budget on digital marketing to ensure their products reach a broad audience. The types of free spins are;

Deposit Spins

This is a common offer on a legally qualified online casino platform. The deposit free spin bonus, as the name implies, requires players first to make a deposit before they can access the offer. Depending on the platform, there is a required minimum deposit amount a player has to put in his account before claiming his spins.

Some casinos offer additional spin bonuses after a player has made a series of deposits. This is also to show appreciation and give the customer an additional opportunity to win.

No-Deposit Spins

This type of offer is only given to new players to welcome them to an online casino platform. The free no-deposit spin is a bonus offer from online casinos that every new customer can claim after registering their account with the operator. This automatically disqualifies existing customers as the bonus can only be claimed once. The most exciting part of this type of bonus is that players don’t need to make any deposit before claiming and using this bonus. If they are lucky and have fulfilled all the requirements, they can withdraw the winnings.

The In-Play Spins

Generally, most platforms have programmed their slots to offer players free spins after matching a particular symbol or number. Many of them are set to present this offer after 3 or more scatter signs have been formed. This is also to encourage gamblers to keep playing with the hope of getting the jackpot.

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Procedures to Claim a Free Spin Bonus

As lovely and rewarding as the offer may sound from adverts and digital marketing strategies that betting companies use, players, especially newbies, have some obligations to meet before claiming and using this bonus. To do so, the following steps need to be taken;

  • Select an operator of your choice that is legally qualified to operate in your location
  • Verify that the operator offers the best deals available in the market.
  • Ensure to read and understand the offer’s terms and conditions, and make sure they meet your gaming needs and are worth your time.
  • After verifying that the offers meet your needs, following the instructions will help you claim the offer. Some platforms give ‘Promo Codes’, copying out the correct code associated with the offer.
  • You can then register an account with the operator, insert the promo code in the designated column to claim your free spin offer.
  • Enjoy the free spins on the selected games and any more bonuses you’ve obtained.


In the gambling world, where the house is the major winner, free things are great and can come in handy, especially as it presents an opportunity to make more money. As competition amongst providers of gaming activities keeps increasing, they keep finding new ways to entice new players and turn them into returning customers. It might be convincing to claim all the free offers available, but it is advisable only to select the ones that meet your gaming needs. This can be done by taking the pain to go through the T&Cs of the offer.

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