10 pieces to shop for 2022 color

10 pieces to shop for 2022 color

As usual, the Pontoon Color Institute has released a color that sets the tone for 2022. This time it has been chosen in a “very perry” hue.

Pantone Color Company, which predicts global color trends, has chosen a blue under red and purple as the star of 2022. An energetic, cheerful and energetic presence that inspires bold creativity and imaginative expression, “said Leadris Eisman, Managing Director of the Pantone Color Institute. First to the American companyIt wants to feel relaxed and warm at home.

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How to accept the color of 2022?

Already visible in this summer 2021, the purple trend continues, but slightly in the indigo version. Wear it well and accept this just like any other color, because it has the most flattering shade for all skin tones. With white, black or yellow and green, purple never stops surprising you!

Purple and green

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Purple and yellow

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Purple and red

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Purple and neutral tones

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Total purple appearance

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