Google uses the “Deny All” button for its cookies after being fined by CNIL

Google uses the "Deny All" button for its cookies after being fined by CNIL

After receiving a registration fine from CNIL, Google has no choice but to get the ad cookie approval. Europeans may soon reject them altogether.

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Google Will finally comply with Yin’s requests GDPR European. The search giant was really there A fine of மில்லியன் 150 million was imposed last January, After the CNIL report. The National Commission for Computers and Freedom then ruled that it was not possible for users to easily reject cookies on Google. Web light.

CNIL bends Google

So what is it? By going to or YouTube personally or not being associated with a Google Account, any user sees a window related to managing cookies. However, by offering only the two buttons “I accept” and “Customize” so far, Google has encouraged the acceptance of its advertising cookies. CNIL therefore considered this procedure to be contrary to the rules enacted in France in 2020, and the framework for accepting cookies was tightened by the Commission. Mountain View had three months to pay a fine of 100,000 euros a day for the delay.

Contains Google Finally announced A new button will appear shortly in the cookie approval banner last week. You can quickly choose to customize cookies with “Accept All”, “Reject All” or “More Options”. Google’s post indicates that this new version has been used on YouTube in France since early April. At present, it does not reach the editorial staff’s computers.

After France, the update will be gradually sent to all European countries. Facebook (Meta), which was fined for similar reasons, has not yet changed its approval policy or contacted the matter.

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