Beware, Google Messages error may drain your battery

Beware, Google Messages error may drain your battery

Google Messages application has been hit by an error. This will drain the battery of the smartphone from the background.

Beware, Google Messages error may drain your battery
Galaxy A33. // Source: Frandroid – Arnaud Gelineau

Application Google News Established himself as one The best messaging apps on Android. For many manufacturers, including Samsung, this is the default application for managing SMS and R.C.S..

Unfortunately, an error was detected in the application. Under certain conditions, this can drain your smartphone’s battery quickly and it will overheat.

The camera is active

If you’ve ever filmed for a long time on your smartphone, you know that the camera is an element that consumes a lot of batteries. You understand that the error in Google News is about camera integration. In the app, you can easily take a photo and send it to your contact.

The problem is, a bug has slipped in the latest versions, and this camera mode can be enabled in the background. As a result, the battery will drain very quickly in these situations.

A simple solution while waiting for correction

The error is documented in both Reddit And website 9To5Google. Given the importance of the app, there is no doubt that Google will provide a quick fix. In the meantime, a simple solution will alleviate the problem.

The simplest solution is to take care of closing the app from the multitasking view of your smartphone and make sure it is not running in the background. Of course, this does not prevent receiving messages.

If you do not want Google Message’s camera functionality, it is also possible to remove the camera access permission from the application. To do this, go to Android Settings, then go to the Application menu and select “Google News”. In the menu, select “Permissions” and revoke the application’s permission to use the camera.

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