An unfavorable trend has been confirmed, but there is good news

An unfavorable trend has been confirmed, but there is good news

Friday, April 22, 2022 10:40 am – When you think about the weekends from the beginning of spring, do you think they were mostly ugly? Well, this is not just a look! Fortunately, this unfavorable trend can finally leave us.

Rainfall in the foreground

From the beginning of spring, the weekend settings are unfavorable for good weather. They followed each other and were accompanied by different types of rain. When rain, snow or even snow call themselves, it is hard to get a satisfying look of spring!


Again and again … rain

Be sure to continue this feeling this weekend. A pre-system will drop temporary rain in the province on Saturday. Rainfall will continue as part of the landscape until Sunday. There is good news: Sunday will see a clear, after another day, if we are in northwestern and southern Quebec, it will be marked by numerous clouds. The center and east will benefit from more sunlight on Saturday. The temperature is slightly higher than on weekends.

Weekend 1

Disappointing finale

Although all weekends in April are less than seasonal and cloudy, the last weekend on April 30 will be similar. Cold will dominate as snow and rain are expected on Saturday.

Weekend 5

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