Google will permanently ban call recording

Google will permanently ban call recording

From May 11, recording app calls from the Google Play Store on Android will be permanently banned.

Android: Google will permanently ban call recording

Call registration is as old a story as Android. This is a very popular feature in some regions, allowing you to record the audio of a phone call while conversing with a contact. If the function is not always present IPhoneGoogle gave more freedom on Android.

The company will now tighten its rules by changing the conditions of Google Play Store. From May 11, 2022, recording audio calls will be strictly prohibited for use.

As mentioned Android CommissionThis is done to prevent apps developers from hijacking the accessibility API to allow this recording.

Manufacturers do not care

I have to say this material is a real knot for Google. From one country to another, we know that call recording operations may be restricted and that the company wants to improve its image when it comes to personal data and security. So it makes more sense for Google to make this decision anymore.

However, you may have noticed that this is a policy change at the Google Play Store level. In other words, access to another store will not prevent anything from providing these functions forever.

By extension, it also means builders Like Xiaomi This functionality can be integrated directly into their interface. Interfaces such as MIUI are not subject to the Google Play Store Terms.

If the application is the phone’s default audio call application, it does not require access to the incoming audio stream if it is already loaded, so there is no need to break the rules.

Also, manufacturers’ applications have more rights on the computer than general applications.

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