Apple Pay: Implemented “enhanced fraud protection” on Visa cards

Apple Pay: Implemented "enhanced fraud protection" on Visa cards

If you are using a VISA card to pay with Apple Pay, there may be a small red dot on your Cards Apps icon (former wallet) indicating something new. Many users have received a message, including all affected MacGeneration members “Improved protection against fraud” Implemented on their card. This innovation has also appeared to bank customers (La Banque Poste, Boursorama, etc.) Country Different, but obviously there is one common point: only VISA cards are involved.

“Cards with enhanced fraud protection now share fraud risk assessment with your payment network using some information about your account, device and location”, Mentioned under the relevant card. You should know that all Apple Pay cards have anti-fraud device, but this is a question of security. “Reinforced” It is based on additional components.

By clicking the “Learn More” button, Apple provides further explanations:

For cards with enhanced fraud protection, your device will use information about your Apple ID, device and location (if location services are enabled) when you attempt to complete a transaction on the Internet or in an application to establish Apple’s rating. To identify and prevent fraud. To help prevent fraud, Apple will send fraud estimates along with your transaction information (purchase amount, currency and date) to your payment card network. When your card is added to Apple Pay, you will receive a notification that it offers enhanced fraud protection when you first attempt to purchase it online or on the App. If you do not want to send anti-fraud ratings to your payment card network, you can choose another card.

Real-time status seems to be an important addition compared to information already used to avoid fraud (credit card number, name associated with your Apple ID and billing address, where the card was attached …). This enhanced security cannot be resisted. If for some reason you want to escape from it, the only solution is to choose another (non-Visa) card for Apple Pay.

New area of ​​enhanced security.

Page “Apple Money and Privacy” Apple’s website has not yet been updated with a note on enhanced security. However, you can view all data used by Apple and its partners for “normal” protection against fraud, as well as other privacy information related to the service.

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