Haas refuses to pay back to his former Russian sponsor

Haas refuses to pay back to his former Russian sponsor

Haas Group refuses to repay its former title sponsor Uralkali and is seeking 8. 8.6 million in financial compensation. Here is what we know.

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the stable Haas has terminated his contract with former title sponsor Uralkali. The company, which specializes in potash production, is run by Dmitry Masebin, a Russian oligarch close to the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin.

Season Formula 1 Launched, on occasion Barcelona winter testThe American team had already collected the amount $ 13 millionIncome from the former sponsor in question. Nikita Masebin had lost her steering wheelFor violating the agreement to merge his father’s company with Haas.

Today, உரல்கலி Returning to the charge Repayment of pre-season paymentsIn addition a $ 8.6 million in financial compensation “Profit loss”. The American team has responded to the expectations of its former sponsor, which came in the form of a letter from our British colleagues. motorsport.com Got access.

In his reply, Haas Emphasizes its legal rights and in particular a clause This prevents the company From Russian Damage, challenge, ridicule or diminish Haas’ public reputation or positive image“. The latter thus states family relations Masebin Hence from Uralkali In the context of imposed sanctions European union Russia has implemented this rule. However, at the time of breach of contract, no permits have yet been announced.

In the letter, Haas It also points out why she should not repay the $ 13 million And instead the “loss of profit” compensation should be realized at $ 8.6 million. The US team states that there is no need to hand over the steering wheel to Nikita. Mazepin, contracted Issued by:

According to the unanimous principle and law of the case, the party terminating the contract for breach by the other party is not required to return to the latter what he has already received under the terms of the contract. Uralkali’s request to repay the 12 12,000,000 deposit was unsubstantiated and rejected.

Until the above amount is paid to Haas, there is no obligation on Haas’ side and no delivery of the F1 car will take place ”.

Yet according to a source close to the press motorsport.comStable Haas He went so far as to not even be able to pay the salary he received Nikita MasebinFrom the beginning of the year, before the contract is terminated. An act that somewhat surprised the Russian clan, is present He declined to say any answerDirectly refers to previous official news releases:

“Everyone understands that the world is going through a difficult situation, but it is ridiculous to claim that Haas has the right to keep the money paid under a contract without providing any unilateral and agreed services.”

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