The media announcement of the retirement of American football star Tom Brady has caused confusion

The media announcement of the retirement of American football star Tom Brady has caused confusion
Quarterback Tom Tom Brady waved to the crowd during the American football game on August 28, 2021 in Houston, Texas.

As a quarterback – the best in American football history – Tom Brady wants to control the game and the time. Announcement by the American media ESPNOn Saturday, January 29, his decision to retire after twenty-two professional seasons immediately provoked an impressive number of tributes, but it did not suit the taste of the principal concerned.

Two hours after the announcement, 44-year-old Dan Yee, the star’s agent, ESPN interviewSaid the player himself “He is the only person who can express his plans with full accuracy. He knows the realities of the American football world and the best time of all, so it will happen soon..

Tom Brady’s Twitter account, TB12 Game, Removed a tweet in which he listed the player’s record. And his own father, Tom Brady Sr., denied in the media KRON4That his son had decided to retire.

The player is owned by Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who did not comment on the matter, but according to the BallySports site, “Brady contacted Jason List, the club’s general manager, who said he had not yet made a final decision.”.

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Defensive champion but eliminated from play-offs

Tributes, they began to rain to celebrate the life of the forties. “Thanks Tom”With initials “Goat”(For this “The best of all time”, Best of all time) Thus the NFL tweeted. “Thanks for all that big brother, this is an honor”Wrote on the same social network Mike EvansBefore retrieving his message, his teammates at Bucs!

“The best of all time”Bucks receiver tweeted Chris Godwin. “Thanks for the memories, baby!” ⁇Wrote Julian EdelmanHis former New England team player and longtime friend.

In 2020, Tom Brady left the Patriots to join the Buccaneers, one of the weakest teams in the NFL, having not qualified for the play – offs since 2007, after an already hectic career of twenty years. Against all odds, he defeated the Kansas City Chiefs to take them to the top, with Brady collecting the seventh title for his tenth final.

Searching for the eighth ring – a second with the Buccaneers – he saw his dream shattered by a 30-27 defeat to the Los Angeles Rams last Sunday, despite an incredible comeback as his side trailed 27-3 in the third quarter.

A family choice

Brady has been named MVP (Best Player) five times in the Super Bowl, and has received the most touchdown passes (624) three times in the regular season and on multiple records.

A few weeks ago, Brady said he wanted to “Take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem.”. In his podcast, he argued that this week was not his only choice “What do I always want” But do “What we want as a family”. Brady is married to former model Giselle Pontsen and they have two children.

If he ends his career, the NFL will experience a second exciting leap in a few days, after another famous quarterback Ben Rothlisberger who won the Super Bowl twice with the Pittsburgh Steelers. But Brady will be the best of them all.

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