University of Colorado predicts severe hurricane season

University of Colorado predicts severe hurricane season

The 2022 hurricane season will begin in the North Atlantic Ocean in a month and a half. According to the University of Colorado, this year again, in terms of the severity of the expected events, will be higher than normal. 19 storms have been reported.

The first forecasts for the 2022 hurricane season are known. They were published by the University of Colorado. Also, again this year, the season will be intense.More than normal “According to scientists, about twenty cases have been reported.

We are still in the middle of Lent in Guadeloupe. But it is time for hurricane forecasts.

According to the University of Colorado, this 2022 season may be more than normal in the North Atlantic Ocean; This is the third year in a row.

This is the question of the nineteen hurricanes that can give a name between June 1 and November 30, this time, where it has been established on average in more than fourteen cases since 1991.

Of these tropical cyclones, up to nine can be hurricanes, including four major ones.

According to the U.S. Climate Research Division, the La Nina phenomenon, generally suitable for their formation in our region, is weak at this time.
On the other hand, surface water in the Caribbean is currently warmer than usual.

However, these are only estimates, although experts are reminded that crossing the terrain of a hurricane is enough to qualify for the active season.

As a reminder, 2021 was a serious year, ranking third after 1933 and 2005. However, there are some instances of the Arc Antilles.

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