Return of Chinese astronauts to Earth after a space record

Return of Chinese astronauts to Earth after a space record

The three astronauts on the Shenzhou-13 mission returned to Earth on Saturday after six months at China’s space station, which had been staying in China’s space for a long time, state broadcast CCTV reported.

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This is another successful step in Beijing’s ambitious space program to capture the United States, Europe and Russia.

By spending 183 days in space, the crew broke the previous national record for staying in space, which was set at 92 days and during Shenzhou-12, when the first humans traveled in 2021.

The crew included three military pilots: Commander Joy Jigang (55), his colleague Wang Yaping (42) and junior Yeh Guangfu (41), his first spaceflight.

An analysis of Shenzhou-13’s astronauts’ health will allow China to learn more about the impact of the long absence of gravity on living things.

In six months, the team conducted two courses online for Chinese school students, conducted tests, mastered long stays and continued construction of the station.

Named the Chinese Diangong (“Heavenly Palace”), but also known by its English acronym CSS (“Chinese Space Station” in French), it is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

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