Before the NFL Finals, understand all about the rules of American football

Before the NFL Finals, understand all about the rules of American football

This is this year’s sporting event in the United States. The Super Bowl will be played on Sunday, February 13, in the final of the NFL (National Football League) Championship, the American Football League. To enjoy this show, which is shared by nearly 100 million Americans each year, you need to know a little more about this game, which at first glance may seem too complicated on this side of the Atlantic.

Here are some key principles that will help you understand it. The Super Bowl is the final match of the NFL (National Football League) Championship. The season is so short, it started on September 9th this year, so it ends on Sunday, February 13th. There are 32 clubs, 32 owners. Also this year, Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams clash in the final.

To create a shortcut, American football is somehow a distant relative of rugby (although it is annoying when we say both camps). Already why is it called football? Due to the size of the ball, oval in shape, but measures one foot: one foot is 30 cm, the ball is slightly larger than 28 cm.

To ask

121. Why is the Super Bowl about America?


Objective: “End Zone”

However, the game is mainly done by hand. Policy: To acquire land. Two teams face to face: one offensive, one defensive. The attacking team must move the ball into the final zone. The task of the defensive team is to prevent it, even if it strikes very hard. The field is 100 yards (91 meters), or 50 yards at each camp. White lines every 10 yards, at each end: with an in-goal area.

When a team strikes, so is the possession of the ball Four attempts to go at least 10 yards Without tackling the ball carrier. To do this, he can pass or choose the run. If she runs those 10 yards, she gets four more attempts from where the attack stopped. And until you reach the goal.

“Touch Down”, “Quarterback” …

If the defense intercepts the ball, they move to the field as far as possible. It will become the attacking team on the pitch in European football: Eleven against eleven. On the other hand, teams can have up to 53 players. The coach can also create “special” teams for specific stages of the game (permission, change, etc.).

To get the score, you “Touch down“, It’s worth six points. The attacker must cross the goal zone in possession of the ball. Here, there is no need to flatten (unlike rugby).Quarter“, The manager of the game, in his own final zone, if you go to watch a match, know that it is long. The duration will vary depending on the pause of the game. Three hours.

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