It’s official, the new signing is over before Paris!

It's official, the new signing is over before Paris!

The good news for Om is that it keeps coming. President of Marseille Pablo Longoria An invaluable completion Signature For the club.

Om: Pablo Longoria has signed a new partnership

The Olympique de Marseille season delights its supporters. Qualifying for the semi-finals of the Europa League conference, PAOK prepares to face their Parisian rival in the OM League after a stunning victory over Salonica. The Marseille club have a meeting with PSG at 8:45 pm on Sunday for the 32nd day clash of League 1. To get a little closer to France’s 10th championship, the Parisians are aiming for victory. Marseilles, who have won seven in a row, will be looking to continue their momentum to retain their second place in the standings.

While waiting for this clash above, OM has completed an excellent internal signature. The Marseille Club has officially signed with Dropbox. This new partnership will enable Olympique de Marseille to acquire the technology needed to continue its club operations and optimize data storage and sharing. “Through Dropbox, the club uses technology capable of facilitating the daily lives of its employees by storing and sharing data.”Read in the club press release.

Olympique de Marseille switches to Dropbox

Olympique de Marseille continues to show that it has at least entered a new dimension from a marketing perspective. Following the recent signing of a new partnership with Cazoo, the Marseille Club is committed to Dropbox for its excellent digital upgrade. Dropbox will be played by an American company that specializes in data sharing and storage “It will play a key role in particular and strengthen the club’s presence in this large technological ecosystem where OM is associated with its brand.”

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