Ericsson considers “potential” new payments for American justice

Ericsson considers "potential" new payments for American justice

Ericsson says he sees new payments to the US judiciary to resolve a corruption case that has plagued the Swedish telecommunications equipment company in Iraq since the beginning of this year.

Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson sees new payments to US justice to settle a corruption case in Iraq.

“The settlement of these cases will lead to a variety of actions by the US judiciary, which may include new additional payments, which at this stage are unreliable at an unreliable level,” Ericsson said in a statement. Its results for the first quarter.

In the first three months of the year, expert net profit on mobile telephony networks fell 8% to about 2.9 billion crowns (approximately 280 million euros), while operating profit fell 10% to 4.7 billion crowns.

Turnover increased by 11% to $ 55.1 billion, driven by telecom operators’ investments in 5G, particularly in Europe, North and South America this quarter.

According to a consensus founded by Bloomberg, analysts expect lower sales (53.6 billion) on average, but better operating profits (6.4 billion).

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