The new Mac Mini hides in the Studio Display system

The new Mac Mini hides in the Studio Display system

Developed by Steve Trotten-Smith Studio Display-integrated iOS variant developer An interesting discovery : A new Mac unknown to the battalion, mentioned there. Its model name Macmini10,1, There is no doubt about its nature. Identified by the name of the Mac mini M1 released at the end of 2020 Macmini9,1 Then it becomes clear that this will be his successor.

Screenshot Twitter.

The developer says that this will be a completely new generation built around the future Apple M2 chip and not a variant of the current one built with the M1 Pro. But that’s all that can be deduced from this code name, you should narrow the gap with the latest rumors for the rest. We know the new Mac Mini Will be in the project And the key remaining question is its release date: like 2022 or 2023 Ming-chi Guo recently suggested ?

If the Studio Display is already ready to go with it, this new Mac Mini may be out soon. Why not give a presentation while the future MacBook Air M2 is there? Since the chip is identical, it may make sense for Apple to offer both of these Macs at the same time. In this regard, Apple was Registered New Mac If Mac Studio is also together in a database in February, there is still an unknown reference. Is this the new Mac Minia?

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