Here’s how to chat with someone without a trace of conversation

Whatsapp : comment chatter avec quelqu'un sans qu'il y ait de trace de cette conversation

When we want to talk to someone on WhatsApp, we need to go to our contact list and make sure they are stored on our phone. But it’s over, Because now a new method has been invented to chat with whoever you want without saving on your phone. How to do ?

This is remarkable To use these steps, You need to download the add-on app on WhatsApp. The best feature is that it does not ask for permission to access your contact list.

How to chat with someone on WhatsApp without registering

  • The first thing to do is go to Google Play.
  • There, look for the WhatsDirect app – Chat without direct contact.
  • Once you have it installed, a box will open.
  • There you have to do To select Country.
  • Now enter the phone number Mobile and messaging.
  • When you are done, Click “Send”.
  • This will open WhatsApp and view the conversation without adding the person to your address book.
  • Even betteryou can Further Attach photos or videos if you are asked to document.
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Can I send a message from my computer?

If WhatsApp does not already have access to your mobile phone’s camera, you will need to pay for this Permission. Then scan the QR code On your computer screen. WhatsApp will open on your computer and connect to your phone. Now you can send and receive WhatsApp messages on your computer, which describes a site called

Create your own link on WhatsApp, Use the full phone number in international format. Do not add zeros, parentheses or hyphens when adding a phone number In this form.

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