Why foreigners lose their French language so easily

Why foreigners lose their French language so easily

Encryption – It often happens that immigrants speak a little too fluently in their mother tongue. This phenomenon of “language wear”, which is mild, can be reduced.

“Since moving to London, I feel like I’ve lost my French language.” Mary, who works in finance, sometimes stumbles upon words when calling her parents or friends in France, and is often in everyday life. “Finally I wanted to explain to my father that I had applied for a job at another company. But only “apply” came to mind, does not apply or does not apply. It took me at least a few seconds to figure out the word, and if not, to find the word, my father’s laughter, I have become accustomed to seeing my brushes tangled.Thirty says that.

Mary moved to the English capital 8 years ago after her studies. As soon as she arrived, in order to make her trip abroad a success, the young woman insisted that she should immerse herself in the English-speaking world, even though she had formed a small group of French friends for many years. “But they are like …

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