Coca-Cola introduces new drink with “pixel” flavor

The popular American brand “Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte” has been riding the trend by offering a virtual drink that is also available in the real world.

After Brewer Heineken, the system of the famous Coca-Cola brand is once again penetrating the virtual world to deliver a product there. The American drink maker offered a drink called “Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte”, which this time, almost but physically, The American channel CNN reports.

“The Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte confirms the extraordinary taste of pixels,” said Ona Vlad, CNN’s Director of Brand Strategy. He describes it as “a taste similar to the already known coke,” with an extra brilliant touch. No details about the flavors have been mentioned yet.

Virtual and real

This drink has already occupied the virtual world: a part of the video game universe Fortnight Currently dedicated to the American brand, and offers related mini-games. However, Coca-Cola has not formalized any partnership with Epic Games Fortnight. The company notes its desire to be “where communities of players who have long supported are located”.

Unlike Heineken’s virtual beer, whose “non-drinkable” character was challenging, this new drink is also physically available. It will thus go on sale in the United States, from May 2, in limited edition.

Also many brands offer virtual products. Many of them, especially metawares, are directing their strategy towards these three-dimensional virtual spaces.

Many luxury brands, big retailers and even celebrities have settled there, this concept is based on marketing promises above all else.

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