Days at 15 C are coming soon!

Days at 15 C are coming soon!

Sunday, April 3, 2022 at 5:40 pm – You read that right: a light wave is blowing on the radar and the province needs to be warmed up from April 11th.

The weather is very nice with the appearance of this next mild wave.

An event that appears on the other side of the earth

A major atmospheric river from Asia will flow into British Columbia this week. It is a narrow corridor of moisture concentrated in the atmosphere, which usually, here, extends long distances through a strong jet stream.

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Its presence in western Canada will amplify the high pressure peaks located in this sector next Thursday and Friday. Then it flattens out and crosses the United States.


But, a powerful overhead current from the Pacific will flow into British Columbia, creating a deep abyss in the west. Conclusion: This tank will restore the balance on the ridge that is coming to set up its residences in eastern Canada.


15 degrees Celsius and maybe even higher!

Until April 11, Quebec will return to a more comfortable temperature. Mercury can reach temperatures of 15 degrees Celsius in many places and beyond.

3 Crete-Quebec

Some forecasting models currently indicate that temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius are possible in parts of southern Quebec. If so, that would be the first year of 2022.

5 Weather-14J

Some parts of Ontario located in the southeast of the province can also benefit from warmer days.

Return to normal

However, do not trade your shoes too quickly for your shoes. Unfortunately, this sweet wave ends in mid-April. Normally at this time of year the maximum temperature is 12 C for Montreal and 7 C for Quebec. Also, mid-April generally marks a steady 10 degrees Celsius arrival in southern Quebec, rather than the usual 15 degrees Celsius.


So, you have to wait a few more weeks to organize your cabinets for southern Quebec. It should be remembered: the eastern part of the province returns to moderate temperatures in early May, with snow still possible in these areas in April.

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