How to configure the application to spy on its contacts

How to configure the application to spy on its contacts

You may not realize it, but you can go almost invisible on WhatsApp by activating some settings in the app settings. Sending messages to more than two billion users has different options over time to increase the level of privacy of your communications.

For a long time it was possible Hide the time you last logged in For example, for use to avoid letting your contacts know what time you went to bed. WhatsApp has been allowing this data to qualify for a few weeks Choose who can access it In between “Everyone“,”Your contacts“Where”Person“.

To access this option, you need to go to your WhatsApp application on iPhone or Android Settings Yours Account Then select “Confidentiality “. Note that the functionality is still being generalized and may not be accessible to all users.

Similarly, you can determine who can access other personal information about you Profile imageYour NewsYour Groups And yours Laws. This last category also allows you to accurately select people who would like to share your status.

Another chance: If your contacts do not always want to know if you have read their messages, You can disable this feature. This way, messages sent to you will no longer be marked with a double blue “V” to confirm once you have read them. As you may not have read it, it will be by the gray double “V”.

The manipulation that is handled is as follows: Go to the application settings Settings Yours AccountTab “Confidentiality“Then uncheck the option “Read confirmation”. However, keep in mind that by disabling it, you will not be able to see the reading receipts of your contacts.

New options for voice messaging

In addition to these privacy options, WhatsApp has recently integrated many new features for voice messaging. Blog post published on March 30th. Until now, to send a voice message, you had to hold down your finger on the record button without having to listen to it or edit it before sending it. The application now offers the option to pause the recording of a note and ask again before restarting or sharing it.

Another novelty mentioned by WhatsApp is that it allows you to listen to voicemail in the background while using other applications while reading outside the discussion. Messaging already added the opportunity to read voice messages 1.5 to 2 times faster a few months ago.

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