The study identifies when teens are psychologically very weak

The study identifies when teens are psychologically very weak

A new study was published Monday in the journal Science Natural Was interested in the effects of the application Social Websites On top of that Teenagers. The potential detrimental effects on mental health have been specifically analyzed.

Study It involves 84,000 volunteers aged 10 to 80 living in the UK. On the edge Broadcast by BFM TV. She also draws a parallel to the use of social networks Mental health Of the 17,000 people aged 16 to 21 who were interviewed for the show, the worst was yet to come.

An object is still unclear

The researchers found that the negative impact of the sites was strong Teenagers During puberty and among young people leaving home. ” Adolescence This is an important moment in the development of cognitive, biological and social evolution, “said one researcher, co-author of the study.” These changes interact with social media in a very interesting way. ⁇

It has been alleged for months that social networks are not responsible for the detrimental effects they can have on the psychology of young people. Last October, The US Congress has asked several officials In this case from Instagram, TikTok or Snapchat.

Initiatives were taken by web giants to create awareness among users, especially by inviting them to take a break when they spent a long time in use. But to date, most companies involved refuse to release internal reports regarding these issues, notes BFM TV.

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