Pick none of the worst days of the year for advertising

Pick none of the worst days of the year for advertising

Nothing has been announced tomorrow for the presentation of its first smartphone. No fish tail?

None Phone (1)
None Phone (1) // Source: None

None, the founder brand of OnePlus, has already been hit hard Ear (1), The brand’s first headphones. Now, many fans are already waiting for its sequel, especially the first smartphone to come soon. For example at MWC, The smartphone was briefly found in the hands of Carl PayneWithout being introduced.

Announcement on April 1st?

Nothing Phone (1) has already been mentioned several times by the brand Releases its operating system and interface. We now know its announcement date through a tweet from the official account.

Announcement tomorrow. pic.twitter.com/rfVHM6bDjJ

– Another (@ None) March 31, 2022

The message is as clear as it gets: Announcement tomorrow “For this”One more thing“So nothing chose April 1 to offer its primary product.

Date everyone skips …

By doing this, nothing can avoid competition. Some brands dare to publish announcements on this date cursed by journalists. It is very rare for the day to decide not to publish real information, more or less bad taste jokes, and a good number of media outlets that appear to be overly excited.

Selecting this date will not prevent any unusual announcement under the penalty of being avoided by media coverage. Suffice it to say that the result was particularly bizarre.

Except for the Jokers

There is always a chance that this is not an actual announcement and nothing will be raisedExaggerationUse April 1st to announce anything around its product. The answer tomorrow is between two bad taste jokes.


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