Facebook paid to publish negative news on Dictok

Facebook paid to publish negative news on Dictok

According to a recent survey Washington PostMark Zuckerberg’s company would have paid the U.S. agency The goal is referred to as success, To tarnish Dictok’s image in the press. It was clear that Facebook’s goal was to send negative news about its Chinese rival to American newspapers.

With Targeted Victory, Facebook wanted to damage Dictok’s image in the United States

The Washington Post Able to access internal emails Between Facebook and this popular company. You can read things like It’s a dream come true to see articles like “Dances to Dangers: How Tic Tac Toe Become the Most Harmful Social Network for Kids”.. A message from an employee of Targeted Victory, an agency appointed by Mark Zuckerberg, to the project manager on the Facebook page.

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The American newspaper reveals that Facebook actually paid for this newspaper company which is close to the Republicans. To uncover content that could affect Dictok’s image. One questionable strategy is to try to disrupt the growing social network, which is scaring Facebook. Its purpose is to damage the image of the social network owned by Bite Dance on American soil. Were asked to locate targeted hit employees “Bad videos posted on TikTok”.

A way to divert attention?

Later, the news agency was responsible for contacting local newspapers to persuade journalists to write about Dictok’s excesses. According to the survey Washington PostGoal success is significant Tried to get articles on the subject “Bad licks”. This is a series of videos of students disassembling equipment in college and high school restrooms. The Chinese social network is perfect for showing the negative influence it can have on young people.

The goal was to try to highlight success as well A teacher challengeAn inclusive challenge “Feet” A teacher during the lesson. The challenges aired on TikTok are real, but not only that. They were also found on Facebook or Instagram. The agency appointed by Facebook passed Two op-eds signed by a parent and a local Democratic official. Published in local newspapers in Colorado and Iowa, they point to some concerns about the site’s effects on the mental health of young people.

Other articles Concerns about personal data collection The youth of the Chinese regime in Diktok were thanked for the target victory. In short, while the meta panel was the target of a hopeless investigation, the purpose of this strategy was clearly to divert attention.

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