Microsoft fixes a painful issue

Microsoft fixes a painful issue

As Windows 11 upgrades many components of the system, it also plays a role in its problems. Microsoft is fixing them a little bit.

Windows 11: Microsoft fixes a painful issue
Source: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

Over the months, Windows 11 develops and Microsoft fixes minor bugs. The clock turned on the second screen We will also drag the files back and forth between applications through the taskbar. This is to fix another painful issue, the choice of the default browser.

Microsoft’s Bad Habits

We pointed it out at the very beginning: Choosing your default browser was very difficult in Windows 11. Microsoft was doing absolutely everything to push the user to its home browser Microsoft Edge. Rather than letting an alternative download. Fortunately, Microsoft has finally changed its position.

This requires downloading the 22000.593 (KB5011563) update from Windows Update, which is currently an optional update. It includes many interesting minor changes, but the best of them is the ability to select the default browser with a single click.

Select your browser with one click

Remember that in the original version of Windows 11, you had to choose to link your preferred browser with every type of file encountered on the web, including HTML. Now, Windows 11 has a button to make Google Chrome or another browser its default browser. This button connects the browser with each of the file types we are talking about.

You still need to dig into the system settings to select the default browser in Windows 11, but at least the task is now less difficult.

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