Start-up Okode refers to objects and protects them with “real world NFTs”

Start-up Okode refers to objects and protects them with "real world NFTs"

Have you ever found a key on the street but could not find its owner and give it to him? It was this banal story that led to the creation of Okot five years ago. A start It aims to transform its innovative marking technology into a global standard today. basically Nantes (Loire-Atlantique) and La Roche-sur-Yon (Vendée), the company has designed an identification system that makes it possible to “certify its origin and value” in the form of clouds of dots engraved on an object. Vincent Rooks, 45, co-founder of Ocode, explains, “Thus we give each property a unique identity, which is associated with a certificate of title.

Thanks to this bicycle today everything to stay in the transportation sector, with a turnover of 3 million euros in 2021 and hopes to double this year. Ride Mandatory coding Bicycles since January 2021, which has already made customers of various manufacturers and retailers and has identified millions Bicycles In Europe. All you have to do is scan this kind of inviolable QR code embedded in the frame and access a lot of information about the two-wheeler through your smartphone or even various documents for its digital security. Invoice.

The code is engraved directly on the bike
The code is engraved directly on the bike – OCode

“If you buy a bike at Le Bon Coin and it has Ocode on it, you can immediately see if it has one. Is said to have been stolen, What is its history, if it was repaired, etc., explains Vincent Rooks. Our two main lessons are to recover in case of forgetfulness, loss or theft and to prevent fraud for used items. The application also allows you to communicate with the owner of the object by chat (his name is anonymous guaranteed), for example useful in case of keys found on the sidewalk … Other applications tested by SNCF are possible. Internal management of its digital tablets designed for agents.

Making NFTs accessible

The ability to detect objects is based on popularity NFT, These “non-fungal tokens” or non-convertible tokens in French, are linked to a private blockchain. Here, no speculation or Cryptocurrency, The founders of Ocode claim that they chose this device for its high-security feature. In any case, no personal data of the user is theoretically published. “Sometimes we want to make this intimidating technology accessible to ordinary people, Vincent Rooks believes, and that’s why we’re talking about real – world NFTs.

The company, which currently employs 34 people, wants to raise one gear by hiring another 30 employees and doubling the number of codes issued by 2022 (12 million last year). Computer equipment, LuggageSporting goods and second-hand cars are among the products that it believes can impose its brand in France and abroad.

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