These Android and iOS apps are temporarily free

These Android and iOS apps are temporarily free

Like every week, NextBit offers you good deals on mobile apps and games for iOS and Android, which are usually paid for, but temporarily free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

This listFree applications Updated weekly with at least two weekly editions on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Between the time you publish this article and the time you view it, some applications may have paid for themselves again. It’s easy to predict Google Play Store ads in apps, but it’s more complicated with the App Store because Apple did not specify the validity period of the reduction.

Short advice: You have found an interesting application, but you are not currently able to use it? Install the app anyway and then remove it from your device. This way, the application will be part of your application library and you can reinstall it for free when you need it. A good way to avoid missed medieval advertising.

Android apps are temporarily free on the Google Play Store

Temporarily free productivity / lifestyle Android apps in the Google Play Store

  • Video Gallery (0.69): This app allows you to use non-royalty videos as live wallpapers on your smartphone
  • Visual acuity charts (2.79): Are you a myopic? not yet? Anyway, this application may help you. It shows optically accurate optotypes of eye charts and can better detect when your eyes are starting to fail. Of course, this should not change the doctor’s visit
  • Genetic Assistant (0.79): This application, which is aimed at biology students, is basically a computational application for translations into genetic sequences. Complete the DNA sequence and you should include all the relevant information like DNA, MRNA and DRNA, and the processor will do the hard work for you quickly.
  • Word to word converter offline (0.69): Have you ever changed “929” into a number in English, such as “ninety-nine”? That’s why this app was created

Android mobile games are temporarily free on the Google Play Store

  • Peppa Pig: Sports Day (3.49): Tokyo’s best sports competition has started in the world of Peppa Pig. Take part in five different games with the characters of the famous cartoon
  • Mind Games Pro (3,09⁇): Brain training app with lots of mini games
  • Minesweeper Pro (1.39⁇): Minesweeper is one of the games that every Windows user is familiar with, but very few people know how it works. Find out
  • Everyone rpg (

    This RPG comes with a well known recipe for collecting and upgrading your heroes while competing against players from all over the world.
  • Princess Corner (0.99): Your goal is to help the kidnapped princess escape from the monsters with a retro look and sound game

Temporarily free iOS apps on the Apple App Store

Productivity / Lifestyle iOS apps are temporarily free in the Apple App Store

  • Remote control for the computer (10.99): Use your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch to control your Mac or Windows PC, this app guarantees
  • gTasks Pro (5.99): Organize and sync your backups with Google Tasks and Gmail on your iPhone, iPad or Mac
  • Easy cost budget (1.09): This application helps you to control your expenses and save money
  • Average Face Pro (1.09): These apps, like baby face generators for couples, allow you to mix two or more faces to find the “average”.
  • Audio trimmer (2.29): With this application you can quickly edit and cut audio files and remove unwanted parts for archiving or sharing.
  • Gradient Background Maker (1.09): Create beautiful gradients with lots of colors, angles and blur options

IOS games are temporarily free on the Apple App Store

  • Peppa Pig: Sports Day (3.49): Yes, this game is free on iOS
  • Crystal Cove (1.09): In this puzzle game you have to swipe to move your triangle around the board and match three or more colors to make them disappear.
  • Slow Mo Boy (1.09): A different endless running game in which you have to avoid obstacles in a parkour style
  • AbaCruX (1.09): Classic solitaire game with different board layouts

What do you think of our selection this week? Did you find any other great apps or games in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store? Feel free to share your tips in the comments.

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