“After the weekend, the situation will improve”

"After the weekend, the situation will improve"

Travel to Algeria is still waiting to know the new Air Algerie flight schedule Force for the summer.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Twice, without any explanation, the Ministry of Transport issued a press release before canceling the new Air Algeria plan.

Although Algeria has recorded the lowest pollution rates since March 2020, nothing explains the maintenance of partially opening borders with a very small number of aircraft.

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Air Algerian flights: a sub-resistance

All data begs for a full reopening of borders and a return to airspace before the health crisis.

Successive reversals in the Ministry of Transport have annoyed Algerian travelers, but not only.

Vice President of the Algerian Community of France, Abdelwahab Jacob, This Saturday, March 26, Le Parisien commented on the official Facebook page of a dedicated article on the situation of the Air Algerie agency in the Paris Opera.

“Only Algerians – of all national races living with dignity abroad – continue to suffer from this injustice!” », He writes in reaction to the horrific testimonies Contents In the article in question.

According to the parliamentarian, the government is responsible for the downfall of Algerians living abroad.

“The Algerian government, which we have been talking about for months, is fully responsible for this immovable situation that is tarnishing the country’s reputation outside the country! », Continues Abdelwahab Yakoubi.

The same deputy commented yesterday on the announcement of an increase in the number of Air Algerian flights and the subsequent withdrawal by the Ministry of Transport.

Rise of Air Algeria flights: Anything new after the weekend?

“In announcing the increase in the number of flights, we wish the rapid generalization of flights from all airports in European cities with the strong presence of our fellow citizens. Stop looting! », Call Abdelwahab YakovBoth In his release.

The latter condemned the communications failures of the Ministry of Transport. “In the age of transparency and social networking, and in the demand for decisions of fellow citizens, the challenges of institutional communication are increasingly significant: The example of the Ministry of Transport newsletters is astounding! », Wrote in response to the removal of the press release announcing the new flights.

The member promises for the future. “Then Over the weekend, the situationClarifying … », He finished.

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