Netizens pay tribute to him

Netizens pay tribute to him
GIF from Pokémon © TV Tokyo

The creator of the famous GIF is Stephen Wilhide. He died on March 14 at the age of 74 from Covid 19. The American computer scientist has revolutionized the Internet culture thanks to his invention. Netizens paid a heartfelt tribute to him.

You may not understand its name, but you use its invention on your computer every day. We are definitely talking about GIF (graphics transfer format). Its creator, Stephen Wilhide, Died March 14. He was diagnosed with Covid 19 on March 1 at the age of 74. His wife, Kathleen Wilhide, told the media the sad news On the edge.

GIF was created by Stephen Wilhide in 1987 while working for the American company CompuServe. Like emojis, GIFs express emotion or are used for humorous purposes. GIF was voted “Best Word of the Year” by the Oxford Dictionary in 2012. This invention allowed Wilhite to obtain Webb Award In 2013. GIFs are gaining momentum with the development of the Internet and social networks. These short animations and distractions from movies or news films are very popular on the internet today.

Besides, there has been a lot of discussion about how exactly the word GIF is pronounced. Stephen Wilhide answered this question in 2013: “Oxford dictionary accepts both pronouns ‘djif’ and ‘guif’, but they are incorrect”He said in an interview with New York Times. “It is pronounced as‘ djif ’.

You, what is your favorite GIF?

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