Apple wants to offer its products through subscription

Apple wants to offer its products through subscription

Services are gaining more and more space in Apple revenue. The last three months, They accounted for 22% of the company’s revenue: twice as much as the Mac or iPad! According to Mark Kurman BloombergApple was making a new type of subscription that blurs the boundaries between services and hardware: the possibility of subscribing to one product … originally thought for the iPhone but for the full range, this subscription will allow you to pay each month to use one product without having to pay a large sum at once.

The idea would be to promote continuous sales with a system that allows regular updates to the latest generation product. We do not know the details of Apple’s strategy, which is still being developed. However, this would be a kind of rent, with the option to purchase, a LeasingThe most popular method in companies.

IPhone transfer

Buying an iPhone, iPad or Mac should be somewhat similar to a regular subscription to iCloud or Apple Music. It could also be a special formula for the Apple One with a permanent subscription to AppleCare’s insurance policy … The outlines of this new offer are not yet clear, and Apple will be many more months away. Can be submitted at the end of the year if deemed appropriate. However, Mark Kerman warns that if Apple does not completely and simply reject this innovation, it could be postponed to 2023 altogether.

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