Govit-19: The re-emergence of the disease in Jersey has been confirmed

Govit-19: The re-emergence of the disease in Jersey has been confirmed

For several days now, indicators have been rising in France. In Jersey, the incidence rate in a week has risen from 772 to 1,039 new cases, a reminder that the epidemic is still far away.

Govt epidemic, apparently, does not seem ready to bow முதல் Since March 14, if wearing a mask is no longer mandatory indoors – this is an action indicated at the end of the tunnel – for several days, indicators are climbing back across. In the territory and especially in Jersey. “On Tuesday evening, the event rate was 1,039 new pollutants per 100,000 people in Jersey. In comparison, last week, on March 15, it was 772 cases. So in a few days there is a positive difference of 300 cases, which is significant, ”said Didier-Pierre Florentine, director of the Regional Health Organization (ARS) in Kerr.

A sudden increase in positive events, however, is explainable. “After the February school holidays, the epidemic recurred when families and families were displaced. However, if it were not so malignant, the variant of the omigran virus, BA.2 (which has become the majority in France, the author’s note) would be highly contagious,” Didier-Pierre Florentine explains. “The same situation, i.e. a rise in the number of pollutants, occurred after the Christmas holidays,” he recalled.

On the other hand, “According to forecasts, the uprising is not expected to be as significant as it was in January. There should be a significant drop in the number of pollutants in April, ”promises the director of the department at ARS of Gers.

“35% positive tests”

The main effect of the virus cycle acceleration in the department, Gersois updated interest in swabs. “Last week, the department conducted 3,000 tests, about 35% of which turned out to be positive. By comparison, 2,300 kerosenes took a test two weeks ago, ”Didier-Pierre told Florentine.

Theory Debbie, Chairman of the Commission of Pharmacists of Jersey shared an observation. “After a sharp drop from mid-February, the number of tests carried out has stagnated for a week, with samples being taken three to four times less than in the January wave. On the other hand, more people are positive.

“Use restraining gestures”

There should be a situational alert that guides the departmental director of the ARS. “It’s important to always use restraint gestures, keep the mask in closed areas, wash your hands regularly, cough in your sleeves and ventilate your living space as much as possible …” suggests Didier-Pierre Florentine. .

“The second reminder has been open since the beginning of the month, on a voluntary basis, to people over the age of 80 and those suffering from comorbidities,” Theory Debbie underscores his role.

Go to Gears event rate

At a rate of 1,039 new cases per 100,000 citizens this Tuesday, March 22, Jersey is acting like a “bad student” in Occitania. The Hautes-Pyrénées sector alone has the highest incidence (1,051). Neighboring departments Haute-Garonne and Tarn-et-Garonne show 721 and 983 cases, respectively.

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