Former British King Juan Carlos has been denied bail by a British judge on charges of persecution.

Former British King Juan Carlos has been denied bail by a British judge on charges of persecution.

The High Court in London on Thursday 24 March refused to grant immunity granted by the status of a member of the royal family in a case of harassment brought to the former King of Spain by a former consort.

Regardless of the status of the defendant under Spanish law and constitution, he is no longer a + sovereign + or “head of state” with personal immunity“, Justifying the court as worthy of examining the complaint. He also refers to the alleged harassment.”Does not fall within the ambit of government or sovereign activityThe new hearing has been adjourned until March 29.

Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn, a 58-year-old Danish businessman, is suing Juan Carlos in London’s High Court for alleged acts of harassment. According to documents provided by his lawyers, he is a “Intimate romantic relationshipWith the former monarch between 2004 and 2009. After their separation, they are said to have been friends for some time before Juan Carlos resumed their relationship. When the businessman owns “He made his denial clear“Now 84-year-old former king adopted”Harassing behavior“, He accuses”ArrangedA series of malicious acts, causing him “Suffering and anxiety“.

The former monarch, who resigned in 2014 and has been in exile in the Emirates since 2020, has denied the allegations. “Today’s verdict proves that this defendant cannot hide behind any position, power or privilege to avoid this case.“Robin Rathmel, Corinna Ju Sein-Widgenstein’s lawyer responded.”This is the first step on the path to equity; The startling facts of this case will finally be brought to justice“He added in a statement that the decision by the British magistrate was a setback for Juan Carlos I, while the Spanish judiciary was closed without action, with three trials targeting him in early March, particularly for corruption.

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