Warning! If you do not do this, Facebook may block access to your account

Warning!  If you do not do this, Facebook may block access to your account

Facebook has now disabled accounts.

How to regain access to blocked accounts on Facebook? You should activate the Facebook Protect program, but unexpectedly this software did not work as expected.

Two factor recognition

To protect its users, Facebook wants to impose so-called two-factor authentication: a link to send code via message, text message or email, in addition to its code authentication.

This duty is currently required Most vulnerable accounts: Accounts describing the American company Human rights defenders, journalists or government officials. Its purpose is to combat potential hacks of these exposed accounts.

Facebook Security

In addition to these security measures, the Facebook Protect program has been introduced. For those with vulnerable accounts, Facebook recommended implementing Facebook Protect and imposing dual authentication on vulnerable accounts. For those who do not, retrieving and accessing a blocked account is subject to the popular Facebook Protect implementation.

Wrong plan

The only problem is that The Moderators Black reports that the Facebook product is a malicious program. Account recovery codes are never sent to some people, so mandatory dual authentication cannot be implemented as the accounts in question are lost.

At the moment the problem on stage does not seem to be solved. However, dual authentication is currently only required for accounts with a high risk of hacking. However, it is unfortunate that Facebook uses dual authentication so rarely and recommends it for all accounts.

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