A new form of ice has been discovered

Des chercheurs de l’université du Nevada à Las Vegas (États-Unis) ont observé une nouvelle forme de glace qui apparaît à des pressions telles qu’il en existe dans le manteau de notre Terre. © Naoki Kim, Adobe Stock

Forms of ice, physicists already knew about twenty. But they have only identified one more. A form that appears in extreme stressful situations. Such as those that may exist in worlds beyond the sun.

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[EN VIDÉO] Effect of late lean frost on snow
Drops poured into a very hot pot will begin to slide. This is the LightenFrost effect. Discovered in 1751, it explains how a liquid vapor flows over a mattress. Researchers at Virginia Tech (USA) wondered if the same effect could be seen from ice. Their answer: Yes, but … at very high temperatures – 550 ° C instead of 150 C. © Virginia Tech Mechanical Engineering

The Graphite, Which is found in the tracks of our pencils. The Diamond, Rather on the fingers of women. However, both are uniqueAtoms Of Carbon. The only difference is the structure of these atoms. Temperature conditions and Pressure In which the carbon in question was formed. Also, it’s less visible, but it’s a bit similar to ice cream. There are at least twenty forms.

Today, some Researchers at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas (United States) describes one of them. A kind of ice that does not exist naturally on the surface of the earth because it comes from water that is placed under extreme pressure conditions. This type of snow can be seen as follows Code Of our planet. But on other planets or Moons. Including Outside our solar systemMaking these extraterrestrials livable.

High pressure ice cream

The researchers placed a water sample at the heart of a diamond anvil cell. Thus the water was dragged to pressures such as prevailing The center of our earth. Because suddenly Physicists The process of heating the whole is usually stopped Laser. Thus, the water froze, and then the ice melted. It turns out that this surgery led to the creation of various arrangements of atomsOxygen (O) andHydrogen (H) creating water (h20)

The researchers first noticed that the known type of ice, ice VII, formed with a solid structure. But at Ice Cream X, they were expecting it, but not at High pressures – In the order of one millionAtmospheres Against “Only” 300,000 here. Finally, between the two, there is a transitional ice shape called VIIT with a quadrilateral structure.

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