First disassembly of Mac Studio with its larger M1 Ultra

First disassembly of Mac Studio with its larger M1 Ultra

A first extraction Mac Studio (D)Confident The SSD module can be easily removed … but after a while open this large aluminum module carefully.

During the first tests of Mac Studio, our colleagues 01 net Their copy is slightly open, the SSD module is not completely attached to the motherboard and is even easier to remove.

Mac Studio Experiment Review: A Unique Powerhouse

Mac Studio Experiment Review: A Unique Powerhouse

This will open the door for future third party options. For its part, Apple, in its store, Indicated The machine storage is inaccessible to the user. In the empty state, those who are most confident will find that in the future it will be accessible to others.

In its rip of the Mac Studio with the M1 Ultra, the Max Tech makes the same look of a compact removable module. But you still need to access it, and without further complication, the surgery requires a little patience. You should start by removing the foundation (screws are hidden under the rubber band) and then disconnect the large power supply.

The SSD module is then accessible and on the other hand a similar slot is empty.

Consider the impressive ventilation system and the aluminum heat dissipation module. You can guess this even without opening the machine. Configuration with Ultra Weighs almost a kiloThe Mac Studio with an M1 Mac is almost empty next to them when weighed.

This package does not have to generate numbers, the M1 Max Ventilation will continue to run as it does on the M1 Ultra, no matter what you do (even if you do nothing). The machine operates in a quiet state, but not in the church silence that Apple would willingly recommend.

Equally impressive is the motherboard, almost occupied by the M1 Ultra, which combines Apple’s SoC RAM and GPU.

This shows how the two M1 Max Ultra are comparable to a Ryzen processor that only works on one CPU port.

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