Morocco is taking small steps

Global Soft Power Index : Le Maroc avance à petits pas

Morocco ranks 46th globally in Brand Finance’s Global Soft Power Index for 2022, two places higher than last year’s index.

The newly released code defines soft power as “the ability to influence the choices and behaviors of various actors in the international arena (states, institutions, communities, public, etc.) through gravity or coercion rather than coercion”.

Of the 15 countries listed, Morocco ranks 7th among the most “influential” countries in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

In the Arab world, Morocco ranks 34.9, behind the United Arab Emirates (15th), Israel (23rd), Saudi Arabia (24th), Egypt (31st) and Kuwait (36th).

Oman (49th), Jordan (56th), Iran (63rd) and Algeria (75th) continue to follow the Kingdom in the MENA region, with Sudan last in the region and 119th globally.

The United States leads the world rankings with a score of 70.7, followed by the United Kingdom (64.9), Germany (64.6), China (64.2) and Japan (63.5) in the top 5 soft powers this year.

The report points out that COVID-19 is the dynamics of infection “Significant impact on rankings”The United States, for example, returns to the top of the overall index for 2022 Significant improvements in management and response to COVID-19 “.

For its part, China, like other European countries such as Italy and Spain, is making good progress, with Switzerland scoring the most.

In contrast, Australia and New Zealande “Watch the decline as Govt isolation policies negatively affect international sentiment”The report says.

Fifteen new countries have been added to this year’s index, mostly small in terms of population, and none in the top 50. The Maldives, in new additions, is “interesting” in the first place in its category (52nd).

The report further recalls The small size of a nation is not a barrier to occupying a strong position in the ranks of soft power“Switzerland, as demonstrated by the United Arab Emirates and other countries, have worked hard to create a positive overall brand impression and create their national brand images primarily through soft power.

The epidemic had a significant impact on the rankings, according to a UK report. Just as last year’s study affected the spread of the virus and its social, political and economic consequences, the composition of the Global Soft Power Index 2022 is affected by how countries are recovering from the Covid 19 epidemic.The report says.

Brand Finance’s Global Soft Power Index is an annual research study based on a survey of national brand perceptions, gathering the opinions of more than 100,000 respondents worldwide on 120 national brands.

Soft power is defined as the ability of a nation to influence the preferences and behaviors of various actors in the international scene (states, institutions, communities, public, etc.) through gravity or coercion rather than coercion.

Full rankings, method, charts, annotation, expert contributions and featured articles in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Germany, Finland, France, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Finland, New Zealand, Africa, Sweden and more Global Soft Power The United States is in the Index 2022 report.

A new study conducted recently by Brand Finance on the perceptions of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict was conducted using the Global Soft Power Index 2022 algorithm with a representative sample of more than 5,000 respondents in 10 countries.

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