Android 13 always wants to help you use less power

Android 13 always wants to help you use less power

With Android 13, Google wants to set up an alarm system that will allow users to better manage their battery consumption.

Android 13 always wants to help you use less power
Description Battery Options in ColorOS 12 (Android 12) // Source: Frandroid

Android users know how to drain some background apps. It is common knowledge that some manufacturer interfaces hold less and attract more than others The battery of your smartphone.

Many people complain about it And are ultimately forced to explore systems to find the cause of their misfortunes. This is where Google wants to intervene 9to5GoogleA new feature was discovered DP2 for Android 13 Must come with the next version of OS.

Android 13 wants to drain your smartphone battery

Android 13 will alert users about excessive battery usage in the background. Notification will appear when an application uses an excess amount within 24 hours. However, the alert will only be displayed when the targeted app has finished working and will remain on the notification panel until the user disables it. This notification will reappear after 24 hours. While it is possible to choose the frequency of these alerts, it is a bit embarrassing as we appreciate that it works as quickly as possible to better store the battery of our smartphone. But it will also allow you to understand the points you can make for your applications and better autonomy.

Note that some applications are not affected by these alerts. In them, we find computer applications (often it is better not to interrupt), applications vpn Or add-ons that enable the use of a connected device.

Note that another type of notification is also planned and will be displayed if an application uses the battery for at least 20 hours continuously.

Google has been trying for some time to change the energy consumption of rotating devices with its operating system. Various updates are to be made depending on the interface, especially as there are a large number of devices in the Android Fleet.

If you want to install Android DP2 to enjoy future Android features, Here’s how to do it, But beware. This is not a standard release yet, you may encounter some issues and do not risk doing this if you do not know what you are doing.

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